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Workflow Excellence

Despite what most CEOs would have you think, there are relatively few businesses or enterprises that run at 100% efficiency. As a result, we believe that there is a huge untapped productivity potential in companies of all shapes and sizes to make their workflows truly excellent.

Our vision is simple: “Productivity: Unleashed”. This means doing more with less. It means utilizing your resources in the best way possible to unlock the optimal efficiency ratio for any given workflow and process.

Our Workflow Excellence Framework is designed to unleash productivity in three steps: Discover, Optimise, Evolve.


We get to know your organisation (like, really know) and use data derived exclusively from your business to make scientific decisions to achieve Workflow Excellence - delivering that damn good business impact along the way.

This all depends on your business - but there’s a systematic approach to finding exactly where to start.

How do we do this?

Process mining

This is where the beauty of combining data with technology really shows itself and super-nerds like us really get our kicks. This process is particularly great for legacy systems where processes and workflows have been built up over a number of years by different people for different customers across an ever changing variety of suppliers. Our process and mining technology mines for the objective truth about your processes, and then we take it from there.

Interviews and good ol' fashioned process mapping:

This might not be as fancy as process mining, but we’ll happily hide our nerdy, introverted side and actually talk to real, live people in your business to get the inside dirt on your processes and variants.


After we have identified together the causes of friction and productivity drains in your business processes it’s time to sort out what really matters, think about solutions and deliver that damn good business impact. 

And it’s not just about tech - we'll look at the root causes of the productivity drains, identifying whether it’s something external or internal, and work out how best to go forward. If it’s technology that can increase your productivity, we’ll find it and implement it for you. Problem solving is in our DNA.


Why stop now? We can continuously improve and evolve to get more productive over time by monitoring and making new fact and information-based decisions on what to do next. Give it time and you’ll soon reach nirvana, uhm, we mean, Workflow Excellence, and you will have experienced some damn good business impact on the way.


Customer service processes

Invoice processes and reconciliation

Inventory and stock management

Order to cash processes

Finance and auditing

Case Studies