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Enterprise Software Development

Is your company ready to embrace the digital revolution, but not quite sure where to start? Our team of dedicated tech nerds has spent years in the industry helping big companies grow, and we’re here to help take you and your systems to the moon. (Okay maybe not the moon, but you know what we mean).

Working with big enterprises to develop custom-built solutions is something we’ve been doing for years - the bigger, the better we say. Reliant on a big legacy ERP that you can’t upgrade but also can’t live without? We’ve got you covered. Need a big custom system built because there’s no solution available on the market for you? No problem. Got a solution in place but its built-in features aren’t really what you need to improve your bottom line? It’s what we do.

Customer Journey

Discovery & Solution Architecture

This is about your business and your needs. Let’s analyze where you’re at and see how tech can help you get better. We’ll identify your needs and work on the trickiest translation - from business to tech. We’ll run the communication between your business units and tech teams, designing solution architecture that is cost effective, within budget, and uses tech in the best way. Together, we’ll create a platform that scales with your organization and gets you to where you need to be.


This is what we do every day - and custom built enterprise systems are what we do most often. We choose the right advanced infrastructure for your solution, we use the most effective deployment practices and our coding is second to none. Our nerds live, breathe and exist in a world where tech solves problems and build solutions, and we’ll make sure the tech we implement will save you time and help you and your business grow.

Continuous Delivery

Delivery doesn’t stop at go-live. We partner with our clients for the long haul, standing beside you through thick and thin to help you get the best from your new technology. Our implementation will always include monitoring and support - our IT Operations team will watch over your service, resolve any pesky alarms, and support your business, every day. Want a support desk for your end users? No problem. Need help in infrastructure upgrades further down the road? They can all be part of the service. We also believe in continuous development - now we’ve built your first enterprise solution, let’s get cracking on the next.

Growing together as one team, with you, is one of our core values. Together, we’ll continue to help your business grow, with a few bad jokes along the way. (Maybe the jokes will even get better with time? Only one way to find out…).


Platform modernization: legacy ERP to modern platform

Back office systems

Product systems

Customer facing billing system

Move to cloud

Customer service systems

Big custom systems

Training in DevOps, scaleability, coding etc.

Integrations between systems

Modernization of legacy systems

Case Studies