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Integration platform

For large companies with advanced processes and high demands from both employees and customers, it is important to have a functioning way to constantly improve and expand their existing ecosystem. This is best done with an integration platform where all integrations are gathered in a centralized hub in the cloud.

Reduces system dependencies

If you have many processes running, it’s guaranteed that you also have several systems that are all important to the business – systems that are completely dependent on each other’s data in order to work. Many companies have solved this dependency with a massive number of point-to-point integrations or by trying to get all functions into their ERP system.

Regardless of how you have chosen to manage the data flow, we guarantee you that an integration platform is not only a better solution, but also a safer and more scalable way to manage your integrations. The integrations are placed outside of your systems, which means that you can easily replace individual applications without other systems being affected.

Centralization of all your integrations

With an integration platform, you’ll have a hub for all your integrations. Basically, the platform IS your integrations. Everything is gathered in the same place, giving you a much better overview of your existing integrations and the ability to easily add new ones.

Watch Oskar report from a messy, traditional IT architecture before moving to a smooth integration platform.

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