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Meta Bytes partners with Range Servant

Range Servant is the leading global manufacturer of driving range equipment. Ball machines, mats, payment systems and ball pickers, but also more high-tech solutions to automate ball handling on the range, are some of the things that can be found in their range.  

The company was, appropriately enough, founded in Halmstad – the golf capital of Sweden – in 1986, where they still have their headquarters today. During the 1990s, Range Servant expanded into the US and have recently also expanded to the UK. They also have a reseller network that covers the whole golfing world.

As the leading supplier of driving range equipment, we can almost promise you that if you are one of the 500,000 Swedes playing golf, you will recognize the Range Servant logo. If you've played golf for a long time, you've probably also noticed how the ball machines and payment systems on the driving range have changed over the years – where tokens are becoming more and more rare.

Over time, driving range equipment has become more and more technologically advanced – and that's where Meta Bytes come into the picture.  

Range Servant's ball machines are now connected to the internet, which allows golf clubs to collect data from the machines - for example how many transactions have occurred and how many balls have been ejected. As a result, the range owner can see when the number of balls is running low and receive a notification when they need to be refilled. In addition, they can keep an eye on the machines in real time and immediately find out if an error occurs, which means that they can immediately fix the issue – before it affects too many driving range visitors. This way, the connected ball machines contribute to a better customer flow and higher customer satisfaction.

Going forward, Meta Bytes will be responsible for the connected solution, called the RSconnect platform. This means that from now on we will be taking care of management of the existing system, including maintenance as well as further development of the cloud-based solution.  

We look forward to a long-term cooperation with the team at Range Servant!