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Innovation-as-a-Service – a new service together with Mindact

Meta Bytes has started a collaboration with Mindact, an organization that guides and educates companies in digital development.

The collaboration involves the joint launch of an entirely new service, Innovation-as-a-Service, a comprehensive offering designed for businesses aiming for growth and increased success.

Meta Bytes' CEO Oskar with Anna Willstedt and Mathias Karlsson at Mindact.

The service combines expertise in technical development, trend monitoring, artificial intelligence, and customized innovation and implementation strategies to provide goal-oriented companies with tools and knowledge to realize their innovative ideas and streamline their businesses.

Companies can expect close collaboration with both Meta Bytes and Mindact, and together we will develop strategies and initiatives tailored to your individual business, leading to higher quality, service levels, and margins, all while reducing workload. The right tools for strategic decisions also generate insights into new revenue opportunities.

Oskar Lundgren, founder and CEO of Meta Bytes:

– The path from vision to tangible execution, continuously evaluated against the company's goals, should be an iterative and agile process. This is often overlooked by companies. Through this collaboration, our clients will gain a shared strategic development and tech partner who retains entrepreneurial thinking and focuses on streamlining and improving internal processes, and above all, discovering and creating new revenue streams. We also assist in eliminating technical debt, making business processes smarter and more profitable.

Mathias Karlsson, founder of Mindact, emphasizes that this is not just a service but an investment in your future business. Together with the customer, Mindact and Meta Bytes will analyze the company's structure, identify bottlenecks, and replace fragmented systems with centralized and intelligent data flows to proactively address challenges and shape a desirable future.

– Innovation-as-a-Service is a strategic commitment where we strengthen customers' business development and competitiveness, while the focus remains on core business. We offer solutions that are not only relevant today but also adapt over time, says Anna Willstedt, Founder at Mindact.

About Mindact

Mindact specializes in guiding companies through digital development. They offer lectures and training in AI, as well as analyzing and implementing new systems to streamline and optimize business flows.

Behind Mindact are Anna Willstedt and Mathias Karlsson, both with extensive experience in business development and IT. Together, they challenge companies to see things from a different perspective and dare to step outside their comfort zones.