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Bäck AI – Meta Bytes' own Document Intelligence product

Did you know that Meta Bytes is not solely a consulting company, but also has its own product? For some time now, we have been working hard on sales meetings, customer integrations, demos and of course – the new website. Have a look and fill in the form to get more information from our sales reps!

Bäck AI is developed from a concrete need we have seen in many organisations - manual data entering. In countless companies, key employees are spending too much time, manually entering data between two or even multiple systems. Time that these employees easily could have spent on other, more value-creating and rewarding tasks. Because, let’s face it, to manually enter data is a repetitive task which makes it rather… dull.

So, productivity is definitely one of the strongest arguments to bring artificial intelligence (we assume that you guessed what the AI stands for..?) into a company’s workflows. But when talking to customers, we have noticed that Bäck AI solves even more issues.

Often, one or two people are performing the data-entering and usually, they have worked in the same role for a decade or more. This means that the organisation relies heavily on a limited amount of people to perform a very crucial task. What if one person suddenly gets ill and cannot work? Maybe nobody else knows how to do that person’s job. And even if they do, they will spend far more time on it due to their unfamiliarity with the task.

The dependence on one or two people is also a strong argument for any organisation to consider using Bäck AI. But, there’s more. Yes, the data-entering employee is so experienced and knowledgeable that they may seem irreplaceable. But no person is impeccable, which in this case means resistant to the human error. To mistype a number so that the incoming order says two pieces instead of one, or to add an extra zero to 100, could be very costly for a manufacturing company.

At this point, you know all about what issues Bäck AI can solve for you, but still, you might wonder what exactly this amazing product is. Let us give you some bullet points:

Bäck AI

  • offers automated field extraction from varying document types and layouts, with no need for templates
  • extracts varied fields from any document type and starts training models without any historical data
  • is delivered with a web interface and can easily be integrated into your organisation’s workflows

Check out the Bäck AI website for even more information – and watch the video to understand how it works!