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AI solution for trail camera

As the next step in our collaboration with the HYMA Group (you can read more about it here), Meta Bytes will implement an AI solution for one of the best-selling products for HYMA’s subsidiary Hylte Jakt & Lantman.

The product in question is a remote camera. Also known as a trail camera, it is a surveillance device used to photograph and/or film wild animals (and anything else that might be moving around in the forest...). The camera is activated by motion detectors and is helpful for landowners to get an idea of animal routines and movement patterns.    

The camera is a popular product and works well for the users but one current difficulty is in distinguishing what kind of animal the camera has captured on film. This is especially the case during bad weather conditions (hello Sweden) and nighttime (well, darkness to be precise since it in Sweden can be dark pretty much all day long).

To fill this gap, Hylte asked us to come up with a solution that automatically detects the animals in the pictures as well as what type of animal it is. Now, the user won’t have to guess if their camera has captured a badger or a deer. Ok, maybe that specific distinction won’t be needed (even though our solution of course will be able to help if confusion in regard to these two species kicks in) but you get what we mean.    

We will immediately dig right into the building of a solution for our friends at Hylte Jakt & Lantman.