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Software provider or strategic tech partner?

When your company aims to digitalize its operations, it's crucial to consider what you want to achieve. Are you merely seeking one solution, or do you aspire to gradually digitalize various processes until you've created an entirely new digital ecosystem? Also, think about what approach works best for you and assess your capabilities when it comes to running a software project.

Often, companies lack the necessary in-house internal knowledge or resources to execute a software project, leading many to seek external help. When choosing a software provider, it's essential to base your decision on your needs and desired outcomes. Some providers focus solely on implementing the software you wish to develop, while others take on a broader responsibility in the collaboration.

Traditional software provider – produces and delivers code

Some companies solely offer development resources — let's call them traditional software developers. They produce code and often specialize in a particular type of technology or programming language. The software project is run by you – the customer – and your specifications, requirements, and preferences. The provider focuses on the technical aspects and delivery of the solution, rather than gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business objectives.

This means that you are responsible for the project and only bring in development resources. You manage everything, including requirement specifications, communication, milestones, resource planning, risk management, and continuous evaluation.

Who should choose a traditional software provider?

Engaging a traditional software provider can be advantageous when:

  • The project has clear technical requirements
  • It's a short-term project requiring rapid delivery
  • The necessary expertise (requirements management, resource planning, risk management, etc.) exists in-house

However, if you feel you need help that goes beyond solely technical work, such as business development, digital transformation, and strategic decision-making, you should turn to a strategic tech partner capable of contributing to your overall business goals and strategies.

Strategic tech partner – beyond coding

A strategic tech partner not only provides technical support but also acts as a kind of business partner. They handle software development but also possess competencies in business development and innovation, digital strategy, and project management.

And yes, you guessed it right. At Meta Bytes, we do more than just develop software — we create strategies, guide, inspire, educate, and lead the way in terms of digitalization and technology. Our projects are driven agilely with a focus on continuous business development and needs analysis, where we consider the entire business, your overarching goals, and business idea. We take the time to understand your entire business and its challenges, and when we embark on the digitalization journey, we consider your unique needs.

Something we are particularly passionate about is business innovation. We help our clients find new ideas, methods, and services to increase the value and competitiveness of their operations. It's about creating and implementing changes that enable you to adapt to changing market conditions, meet customer needs in new ways, and improve efficiency. This often results in entirely new revenue streams for the business.

We are committed to your company's success and work to develop and optimize solutions over time. Therefore, many of our collaborations result in long-term partnerships, simply because we gain such a high level of insight into our clients' businesses that together we can continuously come up with new initiatives to improve operations.

Who should choose a strategic tech partner?

Various situations and circumstances call for a more comprehensive, full-service, strategic tech partner:

Digital transformation

If you’re aiming to undergo digital transformation and truly integrate technology as a central part of your operations, you definitely need a long-term partner who can offer you more than just technology and code.

A desire for continuous improvement and development

Some companies rely on past success, which isn't sustainable. To be industry leaders and gain competitive advantages, constant self-challenge through innovative thinking is necessary, which in turn can result in new revenue streams.

Insufficient internal resources

Developing a digitalization strategy requires time and expertise, both resources often not found in-house. In such cases, partnering with a strategic tech ally, capable of driving initiatives and handling risk, communication, and milestones becomes vital.  

Complex projects

If the intended projects are complex, it's a good idea to bring in a tech partner with extensive expertise beyond just the technical aspects. This is because specialized knowledge of various technologies and platforms may be required, as well as guidance on choosing between them.

We'd love to tell you more about how we view our role as strategic tech partner to our customers – just get in touch!

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