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How to apply AI in your business without collecting data?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been viewed as an advanced technology reserved for large companies with the resources to invest, both in terms of money and personnel. However, the landscape of AI has changed, and in just the past few years, a lot has happened – AI has become accessible.

AI needs training to work

For AI to function, access to data is necessary. This can be in the form of images, text, audio or any other type of information that the system can learn from. In this way, after a certain amount of training, the AI model will be able to make decisions, as the available data enables it to draw conclusions. Therefore, to apply AI in a business, it has previously been required that companies can provide a sufficiently large amount of data to make the AI model work. But that is no longer the case.  

Access to pre-trained AI models

Today, there are many different AI tools available for businesses to use. Furthermore, there are now AI models that are already trained on a specific type of data. They possess a general understanding of different types of data and have been developed by experts and researchers. Companies can, therefore, build upon these existing models to solve their specific problems. This eliminates the need to start from scratch and allows for adjustments and modifications to existing AI models.  

These pre-trained models have significantly lowered the threshold for applying AI, making it quick and easy to get started with the technology. Additionally, with the help of transfer learning, it’s even possible to leverage knowledge used for one area in an entirely new context.  

AI-based language understanding

One area where AI has made significant progress is language understanding. Thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, AI systems are trained to comprehend, analyze and generate human language.  

Pre-trained models within NLP generally work well and, therefore, require minimal adjustments to fit individual businesses. This is especially true when it comes to order management where there are significant opportunities for businesses to easily apply AI. Ready models can easily recognize, for example, that an incoming email from a customer is a purchase order. Relevant information is then extracted, and a complete order is automatically generated in the ERP system. All of this is done without any intervention from employees.  

AI is everywhere

An example of an AI model using NLP techniques is ChatGPT, a service that quickly has become widely used, both in people’s personal life and work life (yep, we use it too). You type something and receive an immediate response. You can ask it for everything from writing poems and clever invitations to a social event (and how to politely decline one) to how to best tackle a deep clean of your home. If you haven’t tried it yet – give it a go!

There are also other AI services that are as easy to use as ChatGPT, including image generation tools and apps that can identify what plants you have in your home.  

Using prebuilt solutions in a business

However, some AI services are more useful than that. A few of them offer an API service that enables the developers to integrate and use their AI models in their own services – a type of AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS). Examples where this can be done include Google Cloud AI and Amazon AWS AI Services. The already mentioned ChatGPT, backed by the company OpenAI, also offers this capability. This type of service allows companies to build and implement AI solutions without needing to create everything from scratch.  

Using ChatGPT as an example:

By sending requests to ChatGPT’s cloud-based platform, you receive responses generated by OpenAI’s AI models. This way, developers can leverage the models’ understanding of text generation and classification, for example, to create services like chatbots for customer service. The bot will then respond to customer queries by interpreting and classifying what the customers write.  

By integrating an API like this into their existing chat application, companies can save a lot of time previously spent answering repetitive questions from customers and potential customers. This also brings additional benefits, such as the fact that the provider handles all the infrastructure – meaning less responsibility for you – making it easy to scale the solution both up and down.  

We help you apply AI in your business

If you want to get started with artificial intelligence by using this type of AIaaS services, we can assist you in integrating the relevant API with your existing system. The language and framework we use depend entirely on what is most suitable for your business. We can also help customize and improve the AI model to adjust it to your specific needs.  

You can also choose to build an AI model entirely based on your own data, Previously, we have developed an AI system that can detect and identify wild animals. The type of AI solution you choose to implement depends on how specific the data is that you need and what trained models are available. And we’re here to, together with you, figure out what best suits your business.  

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