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Time savings and better focus with process automation

Manual warranty registration

Hylte Jakt & Lantman, a subsidiary of HYMA Skog & Trädgård, operates in the forestry, hunting and gardening sector and one of its core activities is the sale of machinery. Previously, when selling a product, the warranty had to be registered manually with the manufacturer. In addition, depending on the product, our customer also had to send out emails with product information to both the buyer and the installer of the machine.

For this manual warranty registration, our client often had interns performing the job (ok, not a super fun task maybe, but definitely better than making coffee and paper copies right?). If no interns were available, the unregistered warranties were literally piling up, waiting for someone to find the time to register them with the manufacturer.

Automation to streamline the process

This called for a classic case of process automation, which luckily is one of the things we do best. A few of our developers huddled up and proposed a solution to handle the interaction between our client’s and the manufacturers’ websites. Today, the solution runs a check of the client’s website every fifth minute to verify if any new purchases have been made. When a purchase has been made, the warranty is automatically registered with the manufacturer and when necessary, emails are sent out.

Technology used:

Backend: Golang

Cloud: AWS

Time-savings and better focus

After automating the warranty process, our client can see a clear and immediate business impact. Previously, it took around three minutes to register a product.  Four months after the solution was implemented, around 2 500 items had been automatically registered. As of that date, the client had already saved 125 hours of work or almost 16 full working days.

Another upside – our solution has made the workdays less stressful for our client as the unregistered warranties are no longer piling up. The employees can focus on other tasks and warranties are getting registered much faster. Additionally, the interns can now get an even better view of the company and try out different things (but hopefully something else than making coffee).

Anders Carlsson, CEO at HYMA Skog & Trädgård:

To automate this process is something we’ve been thinking about for quite a while now but we have not gotten around to actually doing it. Now, when seeing the outcome, we regret that we didn’t do it sooner, says Anders Carlsson, CEO at HYMA Skog & Trädgård. This is the first project we worked on together with Meta Bytes and we are very happy with what they have delivered. We already have more automation projects, as well as other projects, in the pipeline that they will help us with.
Anders Carlsson, CEO at HYMA Skog & Trädgård

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