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Scalable app for streamlined workflows

Extensive overhead costs related to administration

Our client Lagafors, a global leader in food safety, delivers cleaning systems to the food industry. As part of their aftermarket strategy, Lagafors has several service technicians who perform regular service and maintenance on machines delivered as part of customer solutions to clients across Europe.

Lagafors needed help streamlining its service technicians' workflows with the aim of saving time and money that is currently spent on overhead costs associated with the technicians' service visits. Previously, each service technician spent almost an entire day every week invoicing and performing other administrative tasks associated with their service visits, and one of the stated project goals was to eliminate this time entirely, resulting in service technicians working only four days a week.

Lagafors first considered using an off-the-shelf app solution and turned to Meta Bytes for advice in the procurement of such a solution. Magnus Elmblad, CEO at Lagafors:

We approached Meta Bytes because of their expertise and business-driven approach to help us streamline and unlock productivity with tech-assisted workflows.

However, they quickly found that a custom line-of-business app could offer the flexibility they need to suit the complexity of their business. In addition, this approach also allows for future extensions and requirements to be more easily implemented in a “one app to rule them all” solution.

App to streamline the workflows

Together with the service technicians, we discovered, designed and built the solution in the form of a mobile application (iOS and web) supported by a web based customer portal for Lagafors' customers. The app digitalises Lagafors' entire workflow from planning to fulfillment of service visits and additionally, has made the whole process portable.

The result is a cross-platform product that is iOS, iPadOS, Android and web compatible and integrates with the client’s Pyramid ERP system that the technicians could previously only access via computers in the office.

Using just an iPad, service technicians can now:

  • Register service visits: During the actual service visit, technicians can select the appropriate service order through an integration with Pyramid, register parts used, any client-specific discounts, time spent and driving costs. Previously, this was performed manually and recorded at the end of a service trip for multiple visits.
  • Prepare invoicing: Once service visits are complete, technicians can submit invoice specifications directly through the app, including the car used, services performed, and travel and accommodation costs. Through the integration with Pyramid, this information is submitted directly into the finance system for streamlined invoicing.
  • Prepare service vehicles: Spare parts required for each service visit on a service trip are pulled into a consolidated list that can be prepared and collected ahead of time so that the service vehicle is fully stocked and ready to use at the start of each service trip. Previously, a parts list was manually printed and collected for each service order.
  • Handle documentation: By scanning a machine’s QR code, service technicians can effortlessly access and link manuals to individual machines directly in the app. They can also upload notes and service records linked directly to each machine, as well as ensuring that machine documentation is kept up to date.

In the development of the app, we have used the following technologies:

App development: Flutter

Customer portal development: React

Back-end development: Golang

Cloud: AWS

App installation: Apple Business Manager

Authentication/Authorisation: Azure Active Directory

A custom-made, scalable solution

Workflows that previously required a number of different systems and staff to complete can now be done on one cohesive platform, saving time and money. By reducing the number of input points, the risk for errors or delays has also been reduced.

Some secondary positive impacts include easier onboarding, knowledge sharing between service technicians and greater visibility for business intelligence and reporting purposes.

A key feature is also that this solution is portable - where workflows were previously tied to specific machines or offices, service technicians can now work on the go. And this is just the beginning! Lagafors now has a flexible and scalable app that can grow and adapt with the business and its environment, allowing other departments and business units to be incorporated under the same Lagaapp umbrella - meaning more time and cost savings in the future.

Before talking to Meta Bytes, the idea of custom software hadn’t really crossed our minds. However, we quickly realised that it was the only way we could tick all the boxes on our long list of requirements. Meta Bytes understood our needs right from the start and the result of this collaboration has contributed to major time and cost savings here at Lagafors

                                                                                Magnus Elmblad, CEO at Lagafors

Does your company also need some kind of app but haven't found the right solution on the market? Then a custom line-of-business app might be the solution for your business. Get in touch with us and we'll look at it together!