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Three months at Meta Bytes – words from an intern

During the autumn, we had Sarah with us as an intern. The one term internship is called LIA (roughly translated: Learning through work) and is included in her education, object-oriented programming with AI.

Read on to find out how she experienced her three months at Meta Bytes!

As a Higher Vocational Education student there is often a big focus on finding a LIA place. You might be told that you should apply as early as possible and send out applications until your fingers are bleeding. "Update your CV! Call the companies and introduce yourself! Go there and beg! AND DO NOT FORGET LINKEDIN!!!”

Less often you are told to choose carefully. To not accept the very first company if it doesn't feel right, and to dare to make demands of the workplace where you will spend several months. Because if you are born with the slightest bit of performance anxiety and self-preservation, you will wonder what phase you have entered and question whether you will ever understand the task at hand. At that point, it is especially important that you are in a place where you are allowed to be stupid. And new. A place that encourages knowledge and learning.

Meta Bytes is exactly that place.

Never have my colleagues at Meta Bytes made me feel stressed about taking too long to complete a task, especially when the penny seems broken and doesn’t drop immediately. However, they have given me difficult challenges, in a real project, well aware that this is completely new to me in many ways.

It is important that companies understand that LIA for them is about teaching. Not to assess what a student has already learned, or to take advantage of the free labor. A good LIA place should be measured by how much the student has actually learned during the period. With great challenges and good support, you grow to become a better developer. And at Meta Bytes you get large servings of both.

During my three-month LIA at Meta Bytes, I've felt more stupid than I ever did before. But just like with the sorting hat in Harry Potter, help comes to those who ask for it. At Meta Bytes there is competence, commitment, and a spirit of confidence. It is a relatively young company and life has not knocked the enthusiasm out of the employees. There is nothing casual about the working days here but instead they are marked by excitement, a focus on problem solving and a genuine joy and respect for the projects being developed.

Admittedly, I have nothing to compare it to, but during my time at Meta Bytes, I have enjoyed myself AND I have, above all, both developed and developed – so to say.