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Meta Bytes partners with Accesia

Accesia AB has chosen Meta Bytes to develop a new solution for its cloud-based digital tool used by veterinarians globally.

The company is focused on animal dentistry and its activities cover everything from continuing education for veterinarians globally to the development and supply of specialized instruments, equipment and consumables for animal clinics and animal hospitals.

As part of the journey towards improving animal dental care, Accesia has developed the product Prodenta Cloud, a charting system that simplifies daily work in dental departments of veterinary clinics. This is done through the use of standardized codes for various diagnoses and treatments that are carried out.

You can read more about Prodenta Cloud here.

Accesia is now further improving the system by, together with Meta Bytes, developing a module for x-ray images that is linked directly to the regular record keeping system. For users, this means a significantly more efficient way of working and thanks to all data being stored in the cloud, the dialogue between involved parties (e.g. colleagues, referral bodies and insurance companies) becomes easier.

Emil Andersson, Sales Manager at Accesia:

From the very first contact with Meta Bytes, it was clear that they are driven, ambitious and really good at what they do. They quickly got familiarized with our company and situation and made us a more effective partner – which is exactly what we were looking for.