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Increased competitiveness with AI.m

For some time now we have been involved in AI.m, a collaborative project financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Region Halland, Halmstad University and Halmstad Municipality through the business incubator HighFive.

The purpose of the project is to get companies to look into how they can apply AI in their operations to increase their competitiveness, using experts - including us at Meta Bytes – and researchers within AI, service design, business development, circularity and UX design to help them. Companies apply to the initiative and, if selected, they go through an individual innovation process that starts with a mapping of where in the business AI can be applied and ends with an AI prototype and roadmap for financing and implementation.

You can read more about the initiative and the companies that have previously participated in the project on the AI.m website:

AI is not the future – it is now. Through AI.m, the innovation arena HighFive together with Halmstad University gives companies in the Halland region a unique opportunity to increase their competitiveness with artificial intelligence, human-centered design and business development. This will take place in an innovation process where experts and researchers from both university and industry are there to help.

Oskar Lundgren, our CTO, says the following about AI.m:

It's great, and much needed, that local actors have initiated a project with the aim of increasing companies' competitiveness with the help of artificial intelligence. We see that many companies have an interest in AI but that unfortunately few actually implement AI, which means that they risk missing out on great benefits. A project like AI.m makes more companies willing to take that step.

Meta Bytes has met several exciting companies that are interested in exploring the possibilities for their companies with AI in the AI.m project. Through the process, we have conducted workshops to get to know the companies and their needs in order to be able to identify in what areas of their businesses AI can be applied, and are looking forward to implementing these solutions in the future.