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By nurturing their roots Meta Bytes grows opportunities

This summer anyone who found themselves in or around Laholm has been able to pick up a copy of the free print edition of local publication Magasin Laholm. What’s especially exciting about this edition is that it featured an exclusive interview with our very own founders Henrik and Oskar.

When the magazine arranged to meet, it was not, as Oskar originally thought, to present him with the Beard of the Year Award 2021, but rather to learn more about a couple of local nerds who founded a company that has quickly grown to be the largest tech business in the area. It is clear that Meta Bytes’ success has not gone unnoticed.

One of the significant themes of the article is how Meta Bytes’ commitment to supporting local businesses has resonated strongly amongst both the regional business and administrative community. By rooting itself physically in Laholm, Meta Bytes has been perfectly positioned to target nearby businesses that possess shared backstories and values to deliver real impact through their innovative technologies and creative implementation.

"We are not scared of hard work and we have found some damn good people here to work with", Henrik explained. That’s just as well because, as Oskar goes on to say: "there are many successful manufacturing companies in the area that we can help".

It may sound simple, but by sticking with what they know best: where they’re from and cutting-edge technology, Henrik and Oskar have created in-demand product solutions for customers that have all too often been overlooked by Meta Bytes’ competitors based in the bigger cities. In doing so they have brought their customers efficient solutions that will help them be more competitive in the future.

The success of Meta Bytes has been their customers’ success, which in turn is also the region’s success. Our Meta Bytes story starts in Laholm but this is just the beginning.

You can read the full article on pages 34-35 here.

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