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Can Technology replace Human?

Fear of digital transformation eliminating human and taking their job is undeniable. Many leaders are resistant against the transformation since they have not managed to find a human element in it yet. However there are some other perspectives that we can take into consideration as well:

1. Technology will NOT take human job, but creates jobs for us. New technologies create new products and services and so new jobs. Based on a report from OECD 65% of our children in future will work on activities they do not exist today.

2. Automation supports career development. It provides the opportunity for workers to adopt adaptive thinking instead of static and learn new skills and develop their career just like what happened by introducing ATM machines and check out scanners in USA, automation that not only didn't take jobs away but boosted employment in bank branches and retail stores.

3. Automation keeps jobs to locals. As competitiveness rises with automation, less jobs are off-shored to locations with lower labor costs and more jobs are left for locals. Just like what has happened in German manufacturing sector.

4. Digital transformation is to support human beings and push them to grow and not to eliminate them.

A transformation that has caused people losing job and not created new jobs instead is certainly a failure today!

What are your thoughts?



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