Meta Bytes partners with Semcon

Meta Bytes is excited to announce our collaboration with Semcon where we will provide our expertise within blockchain technology.

Henrik Assarsson, CEO at Meta Bytes:

"Meta Bytes is all about adopting the right fit technology to solve problems and we are always trying to lead the market with the emerging technologies with the highest business impact. Our experience with blockchain has shown extensive potential and we are excited to announce that Meta Bytes are collaborating with Semcon in the blockchain space."

The international tech company Semcon, with their HQ in Gothenburg, has recently started to see an increased interest from their customers when it comes to the value that blockchain-based solutions can bring. For Semcon, the collaboration is about strengthening and complementing their in-house capacity in the blockchain area, something we at Meta Bytes, with our industry-wide experience and knowledge, are happy to contribute to.

"It feels great that the time is ready to present this kind of solution to our customers. Together with Meta Bytes, we can solve more problems and create even more value for end users than before - in many different industries."

Magnus Carlsson, Area Manager Software & Emerging Tech at Semcon

For more information, please contact our team lead for this joint project, Zara Zamani.

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