Our services


Design & Engineering

Technology solutions for a digital revolution

So you’ve either figured out yourself what technology you need, or you’ve used our to help you understand how your business can boom. Now it’s time for us to get the tech in place to get you there.

The Meta Bytes sweet spot

We love tech, it’s in our DNA. Our dedicated Operations & Infrastructure team excels at both database design and management. They live, breathe and exist in a world where tech solves problems and builds solutions, and as we live and breathe, we’ll make sure the tech we implement will save you time and help your people and business grow.  

Tailored technology

How do we turn your genius ideas into your technical reality? Depending on your business, our technical implementation might include blockchain, AI, automation or something more traditional like managed IT solutions, technology upgrades or workflow implementation. We can deliver:

- Systems modification: small to large
- Bug fixes
- New features
- Turn monoliths into distributed systems
- Build micro services, apps and support systems  

How we do this depends exclusively on you - we always tailor our ways of working to you. We can deliver end-to-end solutions, individual services or something in between, depending on what you need. From anomaly detection in sales forecasting, process optimization in energy usage, to integrating AI into your customer service – we know how it works and how best to apply it. Whatever it is, we’ve got the tech and the team you need to get you there.